Over the past 11 years, we have had the pleasure to share our joy of making with many communities around the world. We're excited to announce that we'll be bringing our creative workshops to East-Gwillimbury this summer! 

Join us at Lavender Polo Farm and experience the joy of making while surrounded by beautiful fields of lavender. Bring home the aroma of the lavender farm in your custom handmade spa products! We have a large selection of natural botanicals that you'll be able to infuse into the products you make.
We'll be offering a variety of customizable spa products for you to make that incorporate the lavender grown at the farm. For updates and more information, check out our Instagram! @letsmakeittoronto
Available Workshops:
Purple Clay Whipped Body Scrub - $45
Create an exfoliating treatment that you skin will love.
Your scrub will be made with a creamy whipped soap that produces a wonderful lather, purple clay, and fragrances of your choice. 
Bug Spray - $15
Create your own bug spray or roll-on! You will mix and measure your own ingredients as you learn about the individual properties associated with each of the essential oils. You'll have fun creating your own blend from fragrance of your choice!
Summer Scents - $35
Whether your vibe is tropical or floral, we've got you covered. 
We have everything you need to create a signature scent. You will package it in a vessel of your choice, and can enjoy it as a room, car or body mist. 
Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers - $20
Create relaxing, effervescent bath and shower treats! You will decorate them with botanicals and add fragrances of your choosing. You can enjoy your spa treats at home or give them away as gifts. 

Check It Out!