Educare School
Educare School
Educare School

We work with schools in multiple ways.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in K-University, and a passion for harmonizing learning objectives with socio-economic imperatives, we can work with students, teachers, and administrators to create and deliver exceptional learning experiences across disciplines. 

Designed and taught by instructors who are experts in their fields, our courses are specifically designed to enhance the professional methods, skills, norms, and intellectual habits of each discipline.

Contact us for more infomartion on:

  • Virtual and face to face workshops
  • Professional Development (PD) for educators
  • Field Trips for students
  • Fundraising

Our programs are interdisciplinary and relevant to every subject (e.g. Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Business, Languages and more).

 In addition to working with schools, we have worked with data scientists, engineers, chemists, physicians, artists, social workers, and journalists, across Canada and the United States. 

We have worked with Microsoft USA (Seattle, Washington), BASF (Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), the Ontario Ministry of Health, and Health Canada. Our focus on trans-disciplinary learning draws from relevant experiences and a ongoing data collection activities in a range of communities of practice.


Educare School