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Welcome to LET'S MAKE IT!

We Love To Create, Inspire, Innovate, Upcycle, Teach, Learn, Reclaim, Conserve! We are passionate about learning, building community and respecting the environment. Re-purposing everyday items helps us keep items out of the landfills. Learning new skills helps adults remember the thrill of handmade projects, and carries forward our in-born drive to create with our own hands.

Small Business Development

Are you interested in starting a small business? We can help you bring your idea to market. We offer a cohort model as well as one-on-one coaching.


To our candle making classes

A candlemaking course is a great opportunity to learn about the many types of candle wax, the equipment needed, and the various techniques used for each type of candle.


Wax, Jars, Wicks, Fragrance Oil included!

This is a fun candle set that contains enough supplies to make candles from essential oils and fragrances. This is a great starter set, but remember that pure essential oil candles can be difficult to get.


We are also supplier of Soy Wax for candle making.

Soy wax is easy to melt, can be mixed with essential oils and is a popular option for making candles.

Product Formulation

We offer services to help you formulate or improve a skincare product. In addition to providing you with information to formulate products from scratch, we can help you to address issues you are experiencing with an existing product. This may include adjustments, or a new formulation altogether.

Social Events

Contact us for your next celebration, whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion, bachelorette, or another special event. We can organize a range of activities that will appeal to all guests. Our services are mobile, virtual and on-site.

Corporate Learning and Team Building

Our industry and sectoral knowledge is a strategic advantage which ensures that activities are facilitated professionally, and in ways that resonate with staff throughout your organization. We have worked with data scientists, doctors, nurses, and tradespersons in our studio, onsite, and in virtual settings. Contact us and learn how we can incorporate corporate brands and themes into a range of activities that have been curated through our research and experience in constructivist learning, organizational development, and innovation.

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