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Our industry and sectoral knowledge is a strategic advantage which ensures that activities are facilitated professionally, and in ways that resonate with staff throughout your organization. We have worked with data scientists, doctors, nurses, and tradespersons in our studio, onsite, and in virtual settings. Contact us and learn how we can incorporate corporate brands and themes into a range of activities that have been curated through our research and experience in constructivist learning, organizational development, and innovation.

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We Love To Create, Inspire, Innovate, Upcycle, Teach, Learn, Reclaim, Conserve! We are passionate about learning, building community and respecting the environment. Re-purposing everyday items helps us keep items out of the landfills.

Handmade Projects

Learning new skills helps adults remember the thrill of handmade projects, and carries forward our in-born drive to create with our own hands.

Small Business Development

Are you interested in starting a small business? We can help you bring your idea to market. We offer a cohort model as well as one-on-one coaching.

We are also supplier of Soy Wax for candle making.

Soy wax is easy to melt, can be mixed with essential oils and is a popular option for making candles.

What People Are Saying

I love it!

I love "Let's Make it!" - After being in the cosmetic industry for years, it was time for a change due to Covid. I connected with Catherine and singed up for her "Business Incubation Program". She is a wealth of knowledge and with her guidance, I have embarked on a new business venture making natural candles. Within a short time, I now have a very successful candle making business right from home; and feel confident about the future. "Let's Make it" not only offers great workshops, but is also a wholesale supplier. Thank you for inspiring me to create; "You are sexy candles"

Marjorie Fernandez

Clear instructions

It was super fun and therapeutic. It’s a great way to spend time with your family and friends. Our instructor Catherine is very personable and clear with the instructions. I managed to make couple soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs, lip balm within the one and a half hour session. They look really pretty (I think). Also, I was spoiled with the wide variety of fragrant oils to choose from.

Kaylor Koh

Visit us!

Had a great experience from beginning to end! Booking our workshop was easy and Catherine was a breath of fresh air (😉); very knowledgeable, personable and easy to chat with! We had a great time and couldn’t stop “oohing and aahing” the entire time. My friends and I were pleasantly surprised to hear that we were making soaps, bath bombs, body scrub AND a lip balm. The products we left with are so beautiful, I almost don’t want to use them! Definitely will be coming back to check out other workshops. Thank you for a great time and day, Catherine!

Kimberly V

Great Experience!

Great experience! I signed up for a soap making session at Let’s Make It RI. Our instructor Catherine is the shop owner. I was impressed by her knowledge. She answered all of our questions, and she made it very easy to follow along. I came home with beautiful scented soap and feel confident I can make it on my own. I also have their shampoo and conditioner bars. They lather up beautifully. I am pleased that I am not throwing out plastic shampoo bottles.

Sue Harvey

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